About Me and This Blog


I am a corporate lawyer with at least some experience in nearly all areas of corporate law. My experience has taught me to embrace and embody a variety of traits including being adaptive, business-minded, innovative, empathetic, and tech-savvy. I am also a  a strong advocate for legal technology and legal innovation because I firmly believe that technological advancement will only help the legal profession become better positioned to succeed now and in the future. I also believe that technology is here to aid the legal profession, not to replace the legal profession. This blog serves as a means for me to write about legal innovation and legal technology and explore ideas within those two areas.

I started this blog as a way for me to write about working as an in-house attorney. It quickly became a place for me to explore both by myself and with others what it means to innovate within the practice of law, what it means to use and create legal technology, and how legal technology and legal innovation are connected and not connected.

As a strong advocate for collaboration and the sharing of knowledge, I welcome conversations with anyone who may be interested in legal innovation, legal technology, or anyone who may already share my passion for legal technology and/or legal innovation. Feel free to find and connect with me on Twitter, on my Facebook page, or via LinkedIn.