I am a seasoned in-house corporate lawyer. I have handled managing contractual matters from cradle to grave. I have engaged in high-stakes negotiations and successfully navigated among multiple competing parties. I have also dealt with a wide range of corporate governance matters (e.g. corporate actions, resolutions, board of directors meetings etc.) I have also assisted with developing, testing, and managing multiple contract management systems. In addition to being a corporate lawyer with a focus on commercial transactions, I am also adept with technology and a passionate advocate for legal technology and legal innovation. I believe that technological advances in the practice of law should be embraced rather than feared. I also like to write.

As an in-house attorney, I also have given a lot of thought to how processes and procedures can both help and hurt your ability to provide both responsive and efficient legal services and deliver optimal outcomes. Legal technology has and continues to dramatically have an impact on both of these things.

I have blogged in the past about all sorts of things ranging from the business of practicing law to drafting contracts. However, over the past couple of years my enthusiasm for legal technology and interest in educating others about what legal technology can and cannot do. I also became quite interested in hearing what leaders in the field have to say about what they do and what they have learned and sharing my findings with you.

My blog now is devoted to posts from the front lines of legal innovation featuring interviews with thought leaders as well as those who, like me, are passionate about legal technology and/or legal innovation.

If you have any questions, comments, or would like to contact me regarding possible opportunities, please do so. I welcome discussions about these issues.