My Career Path


When I graduated law school, I had no idea that I was about to embark upon a 2 year journey to land my first full-time permanent job. Certain economic factors did not help including that the legal market I graduated into was under distress and the Boston legal market, where I wanted to work, was and remains relatively small compared to other markets.  I grew up in the Northeast and I didn’t want to move away from the area. My own happiness was important to me as well. I had recently met someone who I would go on to marry and I wanted us both to be happy as well. I also knew that I did not want to work for a big law firm.  Working in-house would make happy. I knew that landing such a role was going to be a an exceptionally difficult goal to achieve for a young (and at the time, highly inexperienced) attorney.

For those two years working in a variety of temporary roles, I gained experience and brought in some needed income. Although working on a full-time temporary basis was not what I had anticipated, taking on those temporary roles provided me with great exposure to a variety of areas within the law, such as electronic discovery, securities litigation, regulatory compliance, and contract administration, to name a few.

My next move was joining a legal startup company whose mission was to develop a proprietary contract management/analysis system and to train young attorneys in how to review and analyze complex contracts and answer specific questions about particular clauses within them. The truly unique part of the company was that there was no centralized office. We all worked remotely from around the country and each region would come together to meet periodically. It was this experience that gave my first true and in-depth taste of contract law.

From there, I then moved on to work for Velcro Group Corporation, part of Velcro Industries, which is a global leading manufacturer and maker of Velcro-brand hook and loop products. I then moved on to work for Pearson Education in another in-house role as Manager, Contract Negotiations. I now am the sole in-house counsel for