Data and the Law

The practice of law has, for a long time and, perhaps for some, blissfully existed in a what would appear to the outsider like a static world. The mere mention of change would send shivers down the spine of even the most hardened cutthroat big law firm partner. For those on the outside or the outskirts of the legal profession, whenever you had a problem involving a law, you simply called a lawyer and the lawyer was tasked with solving the problem. Few questions, if any, were asked. Even through the 20th century this remained by and large the way things were when it came to practice of law.  Continue reading

Professor Michael L. Bloom

Professor Michael L. Bloom is the founding director of the Transactional Lab & Clinic at the University of Michigan Law School. The clinic is an experiential program giving students the opportunity to work on transactional matters for large multinational companies. Prof. Bloom is also the founder of Praktio, a provider of interactive, online learning games and exercises for developing practical contracts skills and knowhow. Praktio recently joined with two other training tools to form the Legal Launch Kit to help law students acquire the skills they now need to be effective in the rapidly changing law practice world. Professor Bloom is also the co-author of two books on contracts from a transactional perspective: Contracts and Commercial Transactions; and Contracts: A Transactional Approach, both published by Aspen. Continue reading

Bruce MacEwen

I recently spoke with Bruce MacEwen to get his take on a number of issues facing the legal industry and the practice of law. Bruce MacEwen is a leader in the legal consultant industry, having published nearly 2,000 articles on topics relevant to the field. He also founded Adam Smith, Esq. in 2003. Bruce has also written several books including most recently Tomorrowland: Scenarios for law firms beyond the horizon (2017).  Continue reading

Ron Friedmann

Ron Friedmann is a lawyer and thought leader in legal innovation space with over twenty years of experience in the legal field. He currently is a consultant with Fireman & Company and operates his own website entitled Prism Legal. His experience has allowed him to assist countless lawyers solve their toughest challenges. I spoke with him recently about his thoughts on the current state of play within the legal innovation realm.  Continue reading

Dan Linna

I recently spoke with Professor Dan Linna, Professor of Law in Residence and the Director of LegalRnD – The Center for Legal Services Innovation at Michigan State University College of Law. I wanted to hear his thoughts on the meaning of lean innovation, lean thinking, and his experience teaching lean thinking to law students. Dan Linna is also very well known, of course, for his leading and groundbreaking expertise in the area of lean thinking as applied to the delivery of legal services.  Continue reading

A Discussion with David O’Hair

This week’s discussion features David O’Hair. He is a Fellow at the Tech Policy Lab, a collaborative effort bringing the law and technology together at the University of Washington. Like me, David is in legal tech seeking to make a difference in the field. As a law student (Class of 2019) at the University of Washington, he brings a unique perspective to bear on the developments within the law and technology.  Continue reading

A Law School Dean’s Perspective: A Discussion with Dean Daniel B. Rodriguez

This month’s post shifts the focus a bit from looking at the legal industry itself to role of law school in preparing students for 21st century law practice. Given the rapidly changing state of the legal industry, both law students and lawyers alike need to be able to adapt and adapt quickly. Continue reading