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Colin S. Levy

Notes From The Front Lines of Legal Innovation

Alex Hamilton

Alex Hamilton is the co-founder of Radiant Law as well as a leader in the legal technology and legal innovation spaces. Prior to co-founding Radiant Law, he worked for several years as a lawyer on technology deals and business process outsourcing deals. Radiant Law is not your typical law firm. The firm combines outsourcing and technology to transform the practice of law as applied to commercial contracts.  Continue Reading

Eli Mattern

Eli Mattern is a lawyer and a leading legal technology entrepreneur. She practiced law as a legal aid attorney for five years before making the switch to legal tech and legal startups. She co-founded and is CEO of SavvySuit, which “build[s] access to justice software and products for the private bar.” I asked her about her work in using legal tech in helping increase access to justice, what lessons she has learned from working within the legal tech space, and what legal tech she has created and is now working on.  Continue Reading

Charlotte Tschider

Professor Charlotte Tschider is the Lead Affiliated Professor of Law at Mitchell Hamline School of Law’s Cybersecurity and Privacy Law program. She is also Owner/Principal for Cybersimple Security, an international privacy and security consulting company. Professor Tschider serves on the ABA’s Cyberspace Law Committee and writes on a variety of technology law topics, including her new book, International Cybersecurity and Privacy Law in Practice (Wolters Kluwer 2018). I had the pleasure of speaking with her about thoughts on legal tech.  Continue Reading

Edward Andrew

Edward Andrew is a former barrister, headhunter and entrepreneur. He is the founder of The Human Consultancy. For over 20 years he has worked with law firms around the globe and helping lawyers manage their careers. He states on his LinkedIn profile, he has been “an entrepreneur since 2001 I have built, owned and operated legal recruitment businesses in London, Sydney and Delhi including agency and technology (Saas).”  Continue Reading

Ed Walters

I recently chatted with Ed Walters. Ed is the CEO and co-founder of Fastcase, a software company that has quickly become one of the world’s largest legal publishers. He also is an adjunct professor of law at the Georgetown University Law Center where he teaches The Law of Robots, a course that examines the law governing drones, robots and autonomous machines. Prior to this work, he was an attorney with a large DC law firm where he focused his practice on corporate advisory work and intellectual property litigation.  Continue Reading

Ron Friedmann

Ron Friedmann is a lawyer and thought leader in legal innovation space with over twenty years of experience in the legal field. He currently is a consultant with Fireman & Company and operates his own website entitled Prism Legal. His experience has allowed him to assist countless lawyers solve their toughest challenges. I spoke with him recently about his thoughts on the current state of play within the legal innovation realm.  Continue Reading

Stephanie Corey

Legal Operations is both a growing as well as an increasingly important field. The recent creation and rapid rise of CLOC (Corporate Legal Operations Consortium) has put a spotlight on the field. I recently spoke with a leader in that field, Stephanie Corey. She co-founded and has been a member of the executive team of CLOC and recently co-founded a legal operations consulting firm, UpLevel OpsContinue Reading

Larry Bridgesmith

I recently spoke with Larry Bridgesmith, who is Adjunct Professor of Law at Vanderbilt University and a leading voice in the legal innovation space. He has more than 30 years of experience in the dispute resolution and innovation fields. He also co-founded LPM Alignment, which is the first approved training program in the US for the International Institute for Legal Project Management’s (IILPM) LPM certification program. Continue Reading

Dan Linna

I recently spoke with Professor Dan Linna, Professor of Law in Residence and the Director of LegalRnD – The Center for Legal Services Innovation at Michigan State University College of Law. I wanted to hear his thoughts on the meaning of lean innovation, lean thinking, and his experience teaching lean thinking to law students. Dan Linna is also very well known, of course, for his leading and groundbreaking expertise in the area of lean thinking as applied to the delivery of legal services.  Continue Reading

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